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Prank Bomb

Funny story. Right before our Galentine's Day pop-up, we decided to do a batch of Satanic Don't Panic bath bombs. These would be our basic bomb formula with colloidal oatmeal for moisturizing and activated charcoal added for color and cleansing. We mixed up all the dry ingredients, added the essential oils, and got ready to form the bombs. But when we started spraying down the mixture with witch hazel to pack it into molds, the studio quickly filled with a powerful egg fart stench. We think the charcoal we were using was low-grade, and the smell was a sulphur coating dissolving in the slightly-acidic witch hazel. Who knew bath bombs were so sciency!?

So we've got a jar of mixed up citric acid, charcoal and baking soda that smells lovely until it hits water, at which point it unleashes a cloud of fart stink that would make Satan blush. We're not saying we'd condone pulling the ultimate prank on a bath lover in your life, but hit us up if you can guarantee we won't get sued.

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